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Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage

With the help of the vacuum-infrared light treatment head a local blood congestion occurs,

the metabolism in the connective tissue improves, the micro- and lymphatic circulation accelerates, thus the skin and the collective tissue detoxifies at a higher intensity. With frequent use the production of collagen increases, resulting a firmer skin. The guaranteed painless treatment enables the detoxification and firming of the collective tissue, a smaller circumference (weight loss), as well as cellulite and stria treatment, and the  attenuation

of scars. Vacuum massage mechanisms enable precise targeting of energy to the tissue;

Mechanical massage provides lymphatic drainage (dermal and hypodermal) Outer automatic roller with discontinuous will make patients more comfortable during treatment. This machine can treat for whole body: arms, thighs, buttocks ect.

it is great for:

1. Weight loss

2. Body shaping

3. Firms skin

4. Stimulate Metabolism

5. Lymphatic drainage

6. Circulation Simulation

7. Skin Rejuvenation

It is non invasive treatment. No need for down time. You can go straight back to all the things you love to do. During your consultation we will discuss the suitability of the treatment.

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